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OSU COVID-19: Safety and Success

College Principles for On-Site Work, Pathway to Fall 2021

Updated guidance from OSU can be found at

Effective Wednesday, June 30, masks/face coverings are not required in our facilities, including labs and classrooms.

It is recommended that faculty, staff, students, contractors, visitors and volunteers who are not fully vaccinated or who are vaccinated but have weakened immune systems/are at high risk, continue to use face coverings and to maintain physical distancing. If a supervisor or an employee has concerns on the masking policy in their workspace, please contact me or your unit lead to discuss.

Until OSHA revises its regulations, motor pool policy remains unchanged regarding the limitation on number of passengers in a vehicle. We will alert you if this policy changes.

For Richardson and Peavy spaces: beginning September 1, capacity limits are removed and all spaces may be used at full capacity. Events and activities occurring in RH or PFSC between June 30-August 31 remain restricted to 50% capacity. This does not apply to work spaces or labs. This is a college policy, not an OSU mandate.

Employees (including student employees) who have been exposed to COVID-19 or who test positive, must follow OSU policy regarding notification of supervisor and restrictions on working onsite.

University Travel: OSU-sponsored travel may resume beginning June 1.

Please visit OSU’s Safety & Success website for more information.

Information on the vaccination requirement is also online.