Exchange and study abroad

These are typically semester-long or academic year experiences, where students are integrated into host university academic model and student community. Exchange programs offer the broadest range of available courses and are arguably the most immersive study experience for students. They are also amongst the most affordable opportunities (for the number of credits earned/duration of time abroad), as cost is based on a complementary exchange of students, with outgoing OSU students paying their home campus tuition (or, in the case of IE3 system-wide exchanges, a program fee that is roughly equivalent to tuition). These experiences are offered on an institutional (OSU) or system-wide (IE3) basis. This page is for current OSU students interested in exchange or study abroad programs. For students interesting in coming to OSU as an exchange student, click here.

Application process

  • Review the application process flowchart here to check your progress and determine the next steps
  • Fill out the Academic Planning Worksheet for Study Abroad to aid yourself and your advisor in the process.
  • Check deadlines! Plan to apply at least 6 months in advance of departure. The application deadlines for OSU GO programs are listed below:
    • Summer Programs: March 15
    • Fall, Year-Long Programs: April 15
    • Winter/Spring Semester Programs: October 15
    • Spring Term Programs: November 15
Exchange Programs

Key Partner Universities

These universities have close ties with OSU and are great options for College of Forestry students. Click on a program to find out more about study abroad at these universities!

Other Universities
BU's School of Environment, Natural Resources, and Geography offers undergraduate courses in the following forestry and natural resource disciplines: ForestryConservation with ForestryEnvironmental Conservation, and Environmental Management, among others. Look up courses here.
One of the world's leading institutions focusing on the tropics, Australia's James Cook University is surrounded by the spectacular ecosystems of the rainforests of the wet tropics, the dry savannas, and the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Their unique location enables students from Australia and overseas to study in a diverse physical environment on courses covering ecology, conservation biology, and tropical forest ecosystems. Learn more about the offered programs, eligibility requirements, and look up courses here.
Set in the city of Cork in Ireland, UCC accepts international students from over 100 countries. UCC offers related coursework curriculum in engineering, environmental science, GIS, biology and plant science, and more. Look up courses here
 LU New Zealand offers varied course options within the discipline of Environmental Management, as well as the Applied Sciences with the ability for specializations in Environmental Management, International Rural Development, Land and Society, and more. Look up courses here.
Deakin University has course offerings in the area of Environmental Management and Sustainability and related fields of study. Look up courses here
The National Taiwan University has course offerings in Forestry and related fields of study. Look up courses here
The above schools feature opportunities within their academic programs specific to forestry, wood science and/or natural resources; please visit OSU GO for a comprehensive list of all of the exchange program opportunities available through OSU and to apply! 
Study Abroad Programs


Study abroad programs are variable in duration (anywhere from intensive 2-week sessions to full academic or calendar years) and can range in focus, destination, and cost. Students may be taught at a study center or other location in a group of comprised of only American (or international) students, or they may be integrated into an overseas host institution, depending upon the program.  Some programs may be interdisciplinary and include research or service components. Students must participate in an OSU approved program to be eligible to receive credit and funding.