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Teaching Lab Supply Order Form         /        Course FEE Wksht   Check-in List   WS&E Space Allocation Principles and Guidelines (pdf)
Add a Course Section         /          Submit NEW Course   Steps to a Wood Science Graduate Degree   WS&E Field Trip Safety Guidelines (pdf)
Schedule of University Classes   WSE Offered Courses Note:  Graduate level courses are 500 and 600 level   NEW OSU Logo & OSU Templates
 Grants & Personal Contracts   Required Courses for MS and PhD Students   Social Media Branding Guidelines
 Grant Proposal Support & Budget Forms   Graduate Student Handbook (2017-18 | 2019-20)   Policies for Email Signatures
Cayuse                EB3 Budget Form   Wood Science Graduate Degree Checklists (MS Students | PhD Students)   Model and Information Release (pdf)
Grant Accounting (CORE)   Definition of Satisfactory Academic Progress   Safety
Purchasing and Billing / Benny Buy   Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Evaluation (MS Students | PhD Students)   WSE Safety Trainings & Tests
FOBC Purchasing Form   Annual Graduate Assistant Employee Evaluation   Request for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Event
Procurement & Contract Services Forms   Qualifying Exam (currently being updated)   Acknowledgement of Safety Rules, Emergency Procedures and Hazard Communication Training (PDF)

Invoice Request Form

Purchased Supplies Reimbursement Form

  Faculty Policy on Wood Science Qualifying Exam   Environmental Health & Safety
Personnel   Sample Qualifying Exam Spreadsheet   Recommended/Required Training:
 Student Employment / Current Pay Scale (min 7/1 to $12.75)   Sample Exam Answer Sheet   Lab Hazard Awareness Training for Non-lab Personnel
Student Pool Positions: (currently on hold)   Sample Exam Questions   Universal Waste Training & Acknowledgement
    WSE Lab Assistant   Research Plan Approval Form   Safety Data Sheet Training (SDS)
    WSE Clerical   Final Exam Rubric (MS Students | PhD Students)   Additional Lab Personnel Required Training:
    Chemical Lab Assistant   Exit Interview Questions   Lab Safety Training 
Hiring a Student - Contact Angela   Check-out List   Lab Safety Videos

Graduate Assistant Hiring Request 

  College of Forestry's External Employment Listings   Hazardous Waste Training

Annual Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Evaluation

   Student Business Cards   PI/Lab Manager Interface for Lab Safety
Annual Graduate Assistant Employee Evaluation   University Information and Forms for Graduate Students   Lab Safety Quick Reference Guide (for posting)
 FRA Annual Evaluation (PDF | MS Word)       Incident Reporting (Accident/Injury) & (Mandatory)
Academic Appointment Guidelines   Graduate School's New Graduate Student Guide   Worker's Compensation - Filing a Claim
New Employee Checklist   Graduate School's Graduate Council Representative (GCR) List Generator   Report an Accident - Workplace Injury requiring Medical Attention (Instructions & SAIF Form)
Exit Checklist for Employees   Your Graduate Committee    Emergency Contact Information (pdf)
Exit Checklist for Supervisors   Program of Study  (Information | Form)   Travel    
 WS&E Committee Assignments (docx)   Academic Progress   Concur Log In
Sponsoring a CoF International Visitor   Graduate School's Exam Scheduling Form  Note: For oral prelim exams and final defense exams   Foreign Travel Authorization (pdf)
Sponsor an International Visitor   Apply for Graduation/Diploma Application   Fly America Act & Fly America Waiver Checklist (pdf)
Faculty Review -  Promotion & Tenure   Graduate School's Thesis Guide   International Travel Registry (required for all non study abroad travel)
Promotion & Tenure   Graduate School's Final Steps   Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability forms
Promotion & Tenure Guidelines   Career Development Center's Handshake Tool   Travel Vendors (Corporate Travel Planners)
Criteria for Promotion and Tenure   Undergraduate Students       Azumano Travel Services
Dossier Preparation Guidelines   Academic Advising for RM Students       Enterprise Car Rental
CoF P&T Guidelines - Admin Memo #3   Advising Guides   2019 OSU Travel Reference Guide
Annual Faculty Review   Academic Forms   Combining Personal Travel with Business Travel
Digital Measures       Per diem (US Rates | International Rates)
Annual Prof Review Form (doc)    Quick Links:   OANDA Currency Converter
Guidelines for Faculty CV (PDF)   Campus Maps    
Peer Teaching Review   Academic Calendar   Lost Receipt Memo (xlsx)
Faculty Review Committee Procedures (PDF)   Key Shop - Angela Haney is key authorizor for Department   Motor Pool & Parking Services
Faculty Peer Teaching Review Program (doc)   ID Center   Driver Authorization Form - Submit to Angela Haney
Guidelines for Developing & Evaluating Teaching Portfolio (PDF)   Food at OSU   Van Safety Video & Test
Elements of the Faculty Peer Review Evaluation Letter (PDF)   Religious Accommodations   Reserve a Motor Pool Vehicle
Faculty Peer Teaching Review Process Checklist (doc)   Emp Center Training   Purchase a Parking Permit