Sponsoring an International Visiting Scholar or Intern

The College of Forestry believes in encouraging international partnerships between researchers and students. Below you will find helpful information for building those partnerships that will lead to lifelong career connections.


Contact Kerry Menn, CoF International Programs Coordinator, to learn about getting started, and to establish the parameters of the visit. CoF International Programs and your department will gather the information we need so that we can provide the correct immigration documentation and help you make arrangements for your guest.  Working together, and with OSU's Office of International Services (OIS) we can provide a seamless preparation and arrival experience for all international visitors to the college. 


International Scholars can be: a post-doc researcher, a professor or researcher on sabbatical at OSU, a scientific collaborator, a guest lecturer, or a professor or researcher at OSU for a fixed amount of time.  They can also be a current student at another university, provided the activity they are conducting at OSU is NOT part of a degree program requirement at their home institution.

International Interns are: current students at overseas institutions who are coming to CoF to conduct research as part of a course of study.  Click here for information about specific requirements for interns.


If your visitor will be staying for two weeks or less to consult with buisness associates, negotiate a contract, or attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference, they will require a B-1 visitor visa. If you are unsure what type of visa your visitor will need, please consult the Business Visitor Visa Purpose Table (PDF). For steps on how to apply for a B-1 visa, click here. For steps on how to apply for other types of visitor visas, click here


As a host, it is your role to be sure that these visitors have positive, rewarding experiences which meet their expectations and contribute to the scholarship and international engagement of the College.  CoF International Programs is your partner in this.  For valuabe information about inviting, hosting, sponsoring, or hiring an international scholar or student intern, click HERE.


Sponsoring an International Visitor



Planning a Visit (at least 3 months prior to arrival of visitor)

  1. Discuss visitor parameters (visit duration, resources, remuneration, etc.) with Department Head as necessary.
  2. If sponsoring a scholar who will be remunerated, familiarize yourself with the distinction between stipends and reimbursement.
  3. Complete the International Visitor Sponsor Form.
  4. Advise your Visitor to complete the International Visitor Information Form.
  5. Write a letter of invitation specifying aims of visit, appointment type, duration, compensation, and any additional details (click here for sample letters of invitation).
  6. Send letter to Department Office Manager who will obtain Department Head signature.
  7. Forward the signed letter to to Kerry Menn, CoF International Programs Coordinator.
  8. Once this documentation is assembled, send letter of invitation (as a PDF) to visitor.
  9. Based on the information you submit in the International Visitor Sponsor Form, you will receive further instructions from Kerry Menn and OIS to complete sponsor sections and facilitate visitor completion of the J-1 visa process.


CoF International Programs will review documentation and send completed files to the Office of International Services (OIS). This begins the process of producing a DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligiblity for J-1 Exchange Visitors) for the scholar or intern. Completed applications must be submitted at minimum of 2 months before the scholar’s expected start date.  This allows for CoF and OIS processing time, but more so, for US consulate visa processing, which OIS cannot expedite. 

Once the immigration form DS 2019  is received by CoF International Programs, we will send it to the international scholar or intern with a tracking number, and assist them with any questions they may have.


Pre-Arrival (from 3 months to arrival date)

Continue to work with your visitor to establish parameters for his or her visit.  These may include:

  • Complete appointment preparation (courtesy/affiliate)
  • Complete stipend/reimbursement arrangements
  • Work with department office to arrange provision of college space and services
  • Define research itinerary and project details, or other scholarly activities
  • Develop a work plan (for interns)
  • Notify CoF International Programs and your departmental office manager of guest's arrival date.

On a personal level, you may need to provide your visitor with support in the following areas:

  • Finding Housing
  • Enrolling children in school
  • Traveling from the airport to Corvallis
  • Finding health care providers


Upon Visitor's Arrival

  1. Welcome the scholar or student intern to Corvallis! Pick them up, or be sure they have the means to arrive in Corvallis.
  2. Introduce visitor to Department Head and Office Manager, who will ensure they have the necessary support in place.
  3. Connect your visitor with OIS for Campus Orientation and Mandatory Check-In.
    All J-1 Exchange Visitors must check in with OIS upon arriving in the United States. The OIS office will validate and activate the scholar or intern to the J-1 Exchange Program and update their address with the SEVIS immigration system.
  4. Bring visitor to CoF International Programs, so that we may meet the visitor and serve as a resource during their time in CoF.
  5. For Travel, Lodging, & Office Accommodations, click HERE.
  6. Collaborate on expectations for the visit - clarify these early in the process, and include departure process - final report, exit interview, etc.