SFM Admission Information

Most information about your application and admission to the sustainable forest management graduate program can be found through the graduate school. However, some information is different:



Application deadlines for the FERM department are different than those of the graduate school. Although applications will be received at any time, to ensure full consideration for admission and financial assistance, applications should be completed by the designated dates for the desired academic term of admission.

Completed applications should be received for admission by the department on or before:

Fall Term (for Fellowship consideration): December 31 of the preceding year 
Fall Term (without Fellowship consideration): April 1 of the same year
Winter Term: July 1 of the preceding year
Spring Term: October 1 of the preceding year
Summer Term: January 1 of the same year


Major professors

Prospective students may apply directly to the graduate program without contacting potential major professors. The Sustainable Forest Management faculty and department Head will then attempt to locate a suitable major professor and financial support, but this approach may entail a significantly lower possibility of acceptance.

However, we recommend and strongly encourage prospective students to communicate directly with potential major professors prior to initiation of the application process. The likelihood of admission is greatly improved by discussing study interests with potential advisors before submitting application materials. The major professor serves as the student's primary advisor in developing a program of study and in selecting a thesis topic. The advisor is also commonly the primary source of financial assistance through graduate assistantships with research or teaching assignments. Once the prospective student and professor are satisfied that they are interested in working together, and that necessary financial support is available (if applicable), the student can apply for acceptance by the graduate school.


Required documents

The following documents are required before our department faculty can review your application to the SFM program.  You may also submit additional documentation. 

  • Graduate school online web application.
  • Official college academic transcripts: Our department will accept unofficial transcripts for preview, which can be uploaded via the Graduate School online web application. However,official transcripts are required by the graduate school before matriculation.
  • Statement of objectives: Your statement of objectives should express your interests towards a graduate degree and the SFM graduate program. Please be as specific as possiblebecause the graduate chair and graduate program coordinator rely heavily on your letter to determine appropriate reviewers for your application.
  • GRE scores.
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores for international students
  • Three letters of recommendation: References should be from instructors in courses related to your major, forestry employers, or others who can critically evaluate your potential as a graduate student. An applicant with a master's degree should include a letter from her/his major professor.Applicants are encouraged to give thoughtful attention to their choice of references. As part of the online application system, you may provide names and email addresses of your references. The system then triggers an email to each reference and enables them to submit an electronic letter for you. Alternatively, your reference may mail a confidential letter to the OSU Graduate School. References may address their letter to the department graduate program coordinator.  


Post-application process

The graduate program coordinator is notified by the OSU Graduate School as soon as an online application has been submitted. The graduate program coordinator will then notify the applicant if any application materials are missing and/or when all materials have been received and the application is ready for review. When the application is complete, it is forwarded to the Sustainable Forest Management graduate faculty for evaluation. The department will not review an incomplete application.

Notice of acceptance by the department is typically sent within two months of the application deadline date for admission in a given term. Applicants occasionally confuse notices of fellowships, assistantship offers, letters of acceptance from the department, or correspondence from graduate faculty as equivalent to admission. However, only the "notice of admission" issued solely by the graduate school is the official University notice to the applicant that all application and review procedures have been completed and that the student may enroll in the term for which they applied.



Madison Dudley, graduate coordinator

Email: madison.dudley@oregonstate.edu

Phone: (541) 737.1349