Graduate Program Funding

Students studying at the graduate level generally require two types of funds – funds to pay for expenses such as housing, food, miscellaneous items, tuition, and textbooks and other course related materials; and funds to cover thesis or dissertation research related expenses. Few, if any, students have the financial resources to cover all of these expenses. Consequently, most students require some type of financial support to complete their graduate degree programs. CoF graduate students fund their educations in many different ways. Funding opportunities are available at the university (Graduate School), college, and department levels. In addition, some CoF students have also been successful in securing additional funding from external organizations and agencies.


College Graduate Scholarship Program

Each year the College of Forestry awards graduate scholarships made possible from donations to the College.  These funds are administered by the Student Resources & Engagement Office, and selections are made by the College Graduate Scholarship Committee comprised of forestry faculty.  Awards typically range in value from $500 to $6000 are made to new and continuing graduate students and are supplemental to other financial assistance.

The scholarship nomination/application is different for new students and for continuing students, and at this time does not utilize OSU's Scholar Dollars application portal.

New student awards are made to prospective graduate students for the purpose of recruiting the highest quality students.  A new student is defined as someone starting a new graduate degree program any term of the current calendar year or the winter term of the following calendar year. Continuing student awards are made to retain high quality students and to encourage and reward success. Masters candidates are eligible for two years of scholarship support; doctoral candidates three years.

New Students

The New Student scholarship nomination process varies by department/program.  In general, students are urged to work with their major professor to ensure that names are forwarded through a nomination process to the department's/program's graduate scholarship committee in time to meet departmental deadlines.  However, please contact the graduate student coordinator for your graduate program for full details on what and how new students are nominated for College of Forestry graduate scholarships as there may be supplemental forms or information to provide.

New Student Application and Instructions:

New Student Nominations: Program Use Only

Continuing Students

If you are a continuing student in the College of Forestry and wish to be considered for a graduate scholarship please contact the graduate coordinator in your home academic department for specific procedures and the departmental deadline.  

Continuing Student Application and Instructions:

Continuing Student Applications:  for Students and Programs
Resume Guidelines


Provost Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Each year the College of Forestry (CoF) will select up to two doctoral level recipients of the Provost Distinguished Graduate Fellowship.  This fellowship offers a one-time 12-month stipend ($30,000 with a $2,000 fee subsidy), academic year tuition waiver, and supplemental funds to cover the cost of enrollment in three graduate credits during summer term.  Applicants who receive the Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship are eligible to receive a CoF Dean’s 2nd Year Distinguished Fellowship award funded at the same level of the Provost’s Award in Year 1. To learn more about this funding opportunity please contact your intended CoF academic department or your intended major professor.


International Funding Opportunities

Believing that knowledge of the world beyond our national borders is essential to a well-educated citizenry, the College of Forestry is committed to expanding international learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students via the Dean's Investment Fund Awards for International Engagement.


Departmental Funding Opportunities

Forest Ecosystems and Society - FES (MF, MS, PhD); Master of Natural Resouces (MNR)

Forest Engineering, Resources and Management - Sustainable Forest Management (MF, MS, PhD)

Wood Science (MS, PhD)

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CoF Graduate Program Coordinators:

Department of Forest Engineering, Resources & Management

Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society

Department of Wood Science & Engineering

If you have questions please contact your academic department or Brooke Harrington at 541-737-1593.