Graduate Program Funding

Students studying at the graduate level generally require two types of funds – funds to pay for expenses such as housing, food, tuition, and textbooks and other course related materials; and funds to cover thesis or dissertation research related expenses. Few students have the financial resources to cover all of these expenses. For this reason, there are a number of funding options that provides financial support and helps students complete their graduate degree program.

Funding opportunities are available at the university (Graduate School), college, and department levels. In addition, some CoF students have also been successful in securing additional funding from external organizations and agencies.


College of Forestry Graduate Scholarship Program 

Each year the College of Forestry awards graduate scholarships made possible from donations to the College.  These funds are administered by the Student Services Office, and selections are made by the College Graduate Scholarship Committee comprised of forestry faculty. Awards typically range in value from $1000 to $8000 and are offered to new and continuing graduate students and are supplemental to other financial assistance.


Types of Graduate Student Funding


Graduate Assistantships provide necessary financial support for your education. In exchange for service, an assistantship will provide financial support for your education. In exchange for service, an assistantship provides a monthly salary, tuition remission, and institutional contribution toward mandatory fees and the graduate assistant-only health insurance premium. Details about Graduate Assistantships at Oregon State University can be found on the Graduate School website.

Types of graduate assistantships are:

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) - Many GTA's teach introductory undergraduate courses or assist faculty in the delivery of upper division graduate courses. 

Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) - GRA's typically work on a faculty research project. Money that is funding the research also funds the assistantship position. These positions can be competitive due to the requirements of the grant funding the project but you may eventually be able to tailor your duties to conduct specific research that leads to the completion of your degree. 

Graduate School Awards

The Graduate School administers a variety of scholarship and fellowship programs. You can review these awards and if you determine you are eligible, work with your major professor for consideration. 

Financial Aid

Graduate studnts can work with the Financial Aid Office and complete a FAFSA to determine the types of federal student aid that they may qualify for. 

Financial Aid for Graduate or Professional Students


Graduate Fellowships are different from assistantships. They are appointed to OSU as a "means to acknowldege and support outstanding graduate students in pursuit of their advanced degree objectives". Fellowships provide a living stipend, graduate fellow health insurance premiums, and tuition support, and may include support for mandatory fees, without a commensurate service requirement. Fellowships are not employment but are considered equivalent to a 0.49 FTE appointment and cannot be combined with any other OSU appointment.

Tuition Support Programs

OSU Foundation Fellowship Tuition Support - This program provides graduate tuition scholarship to graduate fellows whos stipends are paid by an eligible unit via approved OSU Foundaiton funds dedicated to graduate fellowships and which provide a stipend value equivalent to that provided by at least a .49 FTE graduate appointment as specified by the minimum recommened stipend guidelines established by the Graduate School. 

Graduate Tuition Waiver Policy

College of Forestry Scholarships

New and continuing College of Forestry Graduate students can apply for scholarships to help cover the costs of tuition and fees. Awards are typically between $1000 and $8000 for new and continuing students. College of Forestry scholarships are disbursed in equal amounts in fall, winter and spring terms and require students to maintain a certain enrollment level and academic progress to remain eligible.

  • New Students should work with their major professor to ensure that their name is forwarded through their academic departments nomination process. All nominees are reviewed by their academic department graduate scholarship committee to be considered for College of Forestry scholarships. Work with your Graduate Student Coordinator to determine requirements and application dealines. Students who are offered a College of Forestry Scholarship will recieve the offer in their ONID email via a short Qualtrics survey. Be sure to accept the award by the stated deadline.
  • If you are a continuing student in the College of Forestry and wish to be considered for a graduate scholarship please contact the graduate coordinator in your home academic department for specific procedures and the departmental deadline.  

Continuing Student Scholarship Application and Instructions:

Continuing Student Applications:  for Students and Programs
Resume Guidelines
Checklist for Continuing Students


Provost Distinguished Graduate Fellowship 

Each year the College of Forestry will select up to two doctoral level recipients of the Provost Distinguished Graduate Fellowship. For 2024-25, this fellowship offers a one-time 12-month stipend ($37,000 for doctoral students, $32,000 for master's students), equally disbursed in four installments each term (Fall 2024, Winter 2025, Spring 2025, and Summer 2025). A fee subsidy relief of $2,400 disbursed in installments of $700 in Fall 2024, Winter 2025, Spring 2025 and $300 in Summer 2025), an academic year tuition waiver, and supplemental funds to cover the cost of enrollment in three graduate credits during Summer 2025 term.

Applicants who receive the Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship are eligible to receive a College of Forestry Dean’s Second Year Distinguished Fellowship award funded at the same level of the Provost’s Award in Year one. To learn more about this funding opportunity please contact your intended CoF academic department or your intended major professor.


ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation (ARCS) awards are provided through the ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter. ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter advances science and technology in the United States by providing fianancial awards to outstanding students who are U.S. citizens studying to complete Ph.D. degrees in science, engineering, math, technology, and medical research at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Oregon State University, and the University of Oregon. 

ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards are $18,000, payable over three years ($6000 per year). Scholarships are disbursed in October of each year as a direct payment and maybe used in any way that advances the nominees research. The ARCS award may be offered in addition to a graduate assistantship or fellowship.


International Funding Opportunities 

Believing that knowledge of the world beyond our national borders is essential to a well-educated citizenry, the College of Forestry is committed to expanding international learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students via the Dean's Investment Fund Awards for International Engagement.


College of Forestry Graduate Program Coordinators 

Department of Forest Engineering, Resources & Management

Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society

Department of Wood Science & Engineering

If you have questions please contact your academic department or Brooke Harrington at 541-737-1593.